トライアルモデルで低価格に提供 効率的な業務で高収益を確保 給料を高くし優秀な人材を採用 能力が発揮できる環境 簡単便利なサービスを創出



代表取締役社長 山本 裕次

To our shareholders and investors

We are guided by our corporate philosophy “Our commitment to making IT services work for people to build a meaningful social life”, and we aim to achieve the “Popularization of IT”.

We make efforts to develop IT services that will impact the way people work everyday. We would like to achieve this by staying ahead of the times and providing the service before our customers think it would be nice to have it. We also would like to help corporations transform themselves by providing innovative IT services which people with minimum IT literacy who rarely use a PC or a smartphone can easily use with confidence, because of it’s easy-to-understand function and easy-to-use UI.

In order to realize our philosophy, we need to grow our business. We believe that we can grow by continuously improving and refining simplicity of our business model, and will work with the following business cycle in mind.

Providing services at a low price after free trial, Developing easy-to-use services, Letting employees use their skills by creating an environment, Attracting and hiring talents with high compensation, Securing high profit by efficient opperation

We would like to select and concentrate our business activity as well as daily duties in light of the cycle above, then we would like to grow into a world class company. There is no exception for IR activities, therefore, we do not respond to all the inquiries including those through an agent as a general rule. However, we disclose information on statutory and monthly bases, hoping that investors can invest with confidence.

I thank you in advance for your continued support and encouragement.

Yuji Yamamoto, President and CEO